10 Second Expert, IBM Systems

We created the 10 Second Expert campaign to promote IBM Edge 2016, a major IT infrastructure conference. 10 Second Expert featured 100 10-second GIFs, animated shorts and tiles. One GIFs, short or tile was released every day leading up to Edge, via Twitter, Facebook and IBM’s IT Infrastructure page.

The GIFs, shorts and tiles were each based around—and drove users to—different IBM assets, like whitepapers, landing pages, analysis tools, blog posts, webinars, videos, industry reports, etc. Divided into four categories (outthink, design, build, and deliver), they quickly and simply taught the user something they didn’t know about an element of IBM Systems. The user would then click the GIF/animation/tile and be taken to the asset itself, for a more in-depth look.

All 100 are live here.

AD: Simran Chabra
ECDs: George Tannenbaum & Vicki Azarian