Eden Photography

My dad, Chris, is an architectural photographer with over 35 years’ experience. Based in Seattle, he travels the world taking pictures of buildings and spaces, specializing in retail, workplace, hospitality and healthcare. He’s shot projects for AT&T, Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, Nordstrom, JW Marriott, Cabela’s, etc. Recently, he decided to redo his portfolio site—edenphotography.us—and enlisted me to help him write the copy.

We wanted to put his work on display while also quickly establishing his experience, attention to detail and visual storytelling prowess, without being overly serious about it all. The idea was: let’s show how good he is, and let’s have fun doing it. Through a series of bold, colorful headlines and visual gags, we decided to introduce “Eden” as a sort of character—highly skilled, well-traveled, but very approachable.

The statements relate to the image they’re paired with in a tongue-in-cheek way—”Eden goes the distance” over a Nike facade in Shangai, for example—but they also highlight an element of Chris’s serious skill set and job history, featured on the About Eden page.

The accompanying identity system uses the site’s tripod graphic, bright colors, and bold and thin Whitney, and includes business cards, post cards, letterhead, stationary, and branded USB drives.

The new site and overall new direction has been very well-received and my dad—a tough client—is happy.