IBM Cloud

The IBM Cloud campaign is made up of different objects in the shape of the IBM Cloud. Something – a window, an engine, a flower, a slot car track, etc. – is revealed to be cloud-shaped, while a simple line of copy verbally ties the idea together.

For this project, IBM wanted to get the attention of the federal government, who is shopping around for a cloud provider. The cloud shape had to be allude to government, without being cheesy or political. At the same time, the benefit of the IBM Cloud, in this case, was flexibility and easy of adoption; for a customer like the federal government, with years of legacy infrastructure in place, the IBM Cloud would make it easy to update its existing systems while getting the most out of the cloud.

So, we developed a shape based on the concept of renovation and modernization. Entitled “Monument,” the shape tells the story of a federal building being spruced up. Executed in a playful, tilt-shift, architectural rendering style, “Monument” clearly says American government without being too heavy-handed, and pays off the idea of modernization and improvement. We worked closely with Psyop on the animation.

Below is the 15-second vertical animated version. There are also shorter animated versions and static versions. During summer 2018, OOH is in metro stations throughout Washington, D.C.; while print is running in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

The campaign also features a 30-second radio spot (below). With VO by Lily Rabe, voice of the new “Let’s put smart to work” campaign, and soundtracked by Harry Nilsson’s “Jump Into the Fire.” We also created NPR live reads.

ECDs: Jon Wagner & Dustin Duke