MobileIdeas, IBM Mobile

At Mobile Mobile World Congress, the annual Barcelona convention dedicated to all things mobile, we wanted to see what was really going on with the future of mobile technology (and, while we were at it, also create some buzz around IBM’s involvement in the field). We wanted to hear where mobile was headed, from real experts. So we decided to take mobility literally. We paired influencers with IBMers and filmed their conversations as we drove them to the convention in the back of our “MobileIdeas cab,” an IBM-branded Mercedes-Benz Metris. The unusual but complimentary pairings, combined with the lively setting, resulted in some natural and very spirited conversations. Topics were wide-ranging and included the future of mobile content, user experience, “unplugging,” and bridging the gender gap in tech, among others.

During the convention, shorter-form videos and real-time social messages were also created. I pored over the full transcripts of the 10+ MobileIdeas cab conversations and trimmed them down into lively 2-minute videos, which we rolled out in the weeks and months following Mobile World Congress.

AD: Melvin Espinal
CDs: Todd Pruzan, Eddie Pak & Anne Davidson