outthink limits, IBM Future Partners

Hundreds of companies use different IBM technologies in interesting ways to achieve very exciting results. We started a podcast series, called outthink limits, offering in-depth looks at diverse companies that use IBM cloud and cognitive technologies to highlight this wide-ranging adaptability. We recorded episodes with the CEO of ElementBlue and co-founder of SensorInsight, two IoT companies; the VP of SparkCognition, a cognitive security company; and the founder and CEO of StatSocial, a social media analytics firm. The episodes focused on the companies and the projects they’re working on, while gently touching on how IBM helps them reach their goals.

I acted as writer and host of the podcast series, conducting each interview and then trimming the raw Q-and-As down to manageable, approximately 10-minute-long episodes. We also created social media content to promote the podcasts. They live on the Future Partners microsite.

AD: Simran Chabra
CD: Todd Pruzan