the icecreamist

The icecreamist is a culture, fashion and art zine Alex Johnson and I founded in 2011. Inspired by the profound realization that “there’s really something to be said for standing on the sidewalk eating an icecream cone,” the icecreamist is a conceptual exercise, a way for us to sift through/make sense of the cultural effluvia du jour and have fun doing it. Though founded by Johnson and I, the E-i-C of the icecreamist is actually a fictional all-knowing, all-tasteful, all-work-and-no-play woman known only as The Icecreamist Herself. From her mysterious (tropical? urban?) Icecream HQ, she has dispatched 3 issues of the icecreamist.

We print each volume, full-color, in editions of 50 hand-numbered copies. They’re sold via word of mouth and some small shops.

Read them digitally here: the icecreamist, volume 1the icecreamist, volume 2the icecreamist, volume 3.